Our response to London being named Best Student City for sixth time by QS

Today, London has been named Best Student City by QS for the sixth time. London’s consistent success in the ranking is a testament to its educational quality, cultural cache, diversity, and employment opportunities. Our CEO, Dr Diana Beech, responds:

For London to retain the title of world’s best student city for six uninterrupted editions shows just how the UK capital and its world-leading universities keep on delivering an exceptional experience for students from across the globe. As a region, London is home to over 50 of the world’s best higher education institutions, together with the global headquarters of some of the world’s biggest enterprises – from financial services to the creative industries. With a wealth of social and cultural opportunities across all 32 London boroughs plus the City of London, it is easy to see why students rate living in London above any other global city. As financial pressures mount on UK universities, however, we cannot take it for granted that London will hold this top spot forever. That is why we call on the next Government to put UK universities on a more sustainable financial footing and be proud to fly the flag for the UK capital through the ‘Study London’ campaign. After all, every student attracted by London’s pulling power is one more highly skilled individual in the UK with the potential to go on to study or work across the regions and boost our national prosperity and growth.”