London Higher is the membership organisation for universities and higher education colleges across the capital. As the largest representative body of its kind in England, London Higher represents the full diversity of the capital’s higher vibrant education sector, from small, specialist conservatoires and research institutes to large, multi-faculty universities.

London’s universities and higher education colleges are powerful engines of economic growth, collectively educating over 507,000 students, employing over 223,000 people across all sectors of the UK economy and generating over £12bn in GDP.

At London Higher, we are the place where London’s higher education institutions come together to unleash the collective power of London’s higher education sector for the benefit of our capital and country.

Our vision

Our core mission is to help enable our members, their staff and their students to thrive.

We help our members to address the opportunities and challenges that arise from our shared location in London. We assist and support our members to achieve their goals, whilst being a collective voice.

We influence and work with a wide range of stakeholders and networks as a trusted, non-partisan and professional partner.

London higher education

At London Higher, we support our members by advocating for and on behalf of London’s higher education sector.

We act as a convenor, hosting collaborative networks to identify new initiatives to solve common challenges; as a communicator, being a collective voice for our members and promoting London as a world-class study and research destination; and as a campaigner, responding to policy concerns and raising awareness of policy implications across our diverse membership.