London Higher proudly represents 50 universities and higher education colleges across the capital, convening ten core networks, seven forums under our London AccessHE division and two networks for our London Healthcare & Medicine members. Please note that these networks are only open to London Higher member institutions. The networks have four key aims: 

  • Creating a shared community 
  • Being a vehicle for policy response and influence 
  • Being a forum for best practice 
  • Delivering high-impact projects 

Nominated representatives for each institution sit on the various London Higher networks, attending network regular meetings, participating in subgroups, workstreams and pan-London projects. Each network has a nominated Chair or Co-Chairs.  

London Higher networks 

Our networks each have a Chair and some also have an Executive Chair. They are listed below. 

If you are a London Higher member and wish to speak to someone about joining our networks, please email  

London AccessHE forums 

If you are an AccessHE member and wish to speak to someone about joining our forums, please email  

London Healthcare & Medicine networks 

If you are a London Healthcare and Medicine member and wish to speak to someone about joining our networks, please email

London Higher Networks

  • Centres

    To offer a space for providers of higher education whose ‘home’ institution is based outside London. 

  • Civic

    To identify, coordinate and strategise on civic engagement across the London HE sector. 

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) 

    To provide a space for open and honest discourse surrounding the opportunities and challenges involved in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) work across London HE.

  • International

    To convene colleagues from the London Higher membership to collaborate and campaign on issues where the internationalisation of higher education and London intersect.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing 

    To bring colleagues together across London to discuss pan-London challenges and develop pan-London solutions and projects in the space of mental health and wellbeing.

  • Operations

    To provide opportunities for colleagues from London Higher member institutions working within operational functions to share best practice and institutional responses to issues affecting London HEIs.

  • Policy

    To provide a space for discussion, collaboration and communication for those working to influence and react to policy across HE in London.

  • Research Excellence

    To explore and evaluate the depth and breadth of London’s research excellence in multiple fields and build an appreciation among HE stakeholders of the strength of London as a centre of research excellence compared to other UK regions.

  • Strategic planning and data

    To provide a space for discussion, collaboration and communication for those working within planning and policy across HE in London.

  • Sustainability

    To share best practice across the sector with regards to environmental sustainability, showcasing the work of London Higher members, and working towards shared targets for environmental practices.

  • Teaching and Learning

    To provide an opportunity for colleagues in London to network and discuss teaching, learning and the student experience.

London Health Education Group Networks

  • London Medicine

    Network aim: London Medicine brings together the heads of all the capital’s undergraduate and postgraduate medical schools to work collegiately…

  • London Healthcare Education Group (LHEG)

    Network aim: LHEG brings together strategic leads from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) providing nursing, midwifery and applied health professions (AHP)…

AccessHE Networks

  • Racial equity

    This forum provides an active discussion space for staff who support Racial Equity learners into and through HE, to share…

  • Care experienced and estranged students

    This forum is a discussion and planning space for staff who support learners from care backgrounds and learners estranged from…

  • Creative

    This forum provides an active discussion space for AccessHE member HEIs offering creative HE courses to collaborate and strengthen activities…

  • Disability

    This forum is a space for staff working to support progression to HE for learners with physical and ‘hidden’ disabilities,…

  • Mature and part-time students

    This forum provides a space to share best practice and work collaboratively on projects to tackle the specific challenges that…

  • Research, monitoring & evaluation

    This forum holds a termly meeting for AccessHE members to explore ‘what works’ when it comes to widening access and…

  • Student ambassadors

    This forum exists to connect staff who run student ambassador programmes in London and provide them with peer learning opportunities.