London Higher congratulates Sir Keir Starmer and his new UK Government

Dr Diana Beech, Chief Executive Officer, London Higher said:

“London Higher extends its warm congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer and his new UK Government. As the representative body for over 50 universities and higher education institutions across London, we look forward to working with new Ministers, as well as the 75 new and returned London MPs, to put London’s higher education and research sector front and centre of the drive for opportunity and growth – both in London and across the nation. By working together, we can create an environment that sustains and enhances the excellence of our world-leading higher education institutions, ensuring they deliver the innovation and skills the country needs, and continue to attract top talent from across the globe for generations to come.”

Mark Corbett, Head of Policy, London Higher said:

With the political parties in Westminster and City Hall now aligned we can be forgiven for being optimistic that greater policy alignment and consistency will be the backdrop to a more constructive relationship between the sector and government, both nationally and regionally.  

With the large number of Labour MPs representing London constituencies, we hope the rhetoric from central government on London will shift and together we can start to look at how London can best work for the UK, rather than pitching one region against another. 

Although more policy clarity is needed, particularly around financial sustainability and regulation, we are in a strong position to support Labour’s goal of growing the economy and widening economic opportunity. The commitment to 10-year funding cycles for research institutions is particularly welcome. It would be great to see some assurance that includes funding allocated to UKRI.  

With a renewed emphasis on industrial strategy, it would seem right for higher education, research and business to be brought back into a single government department. Critically, we will need to work to ensure the role of universities is hardwired into the government’s plan for growth.”