London Higher calls on policy makers to recognise the importance of London’s creative higher education for the capital’s recovery

London Higher is calling for Government to make bolstering the UK’s creative talent pipeline a priority by fostering an appreciation for the arts at an early age in the curriculum, following the publication of a new report looking at the importance of the capital’s creative higher education provision.

Winning London’s Arts and Minds examines real-life examples of innovative creative higher education provision across the capital, and how it plays a critical role in ensuring that graduates are equipped with not only the transferable skills any higher education course provides, such as leadership, communication and self-discipline, but also with vital skills that ensure positive employment outcomes.

Commenting on the report, CEO of London Higher and author of the report, Dr Diana Beech said;

“London has long been known as a global hub for the creative industries. Yet, their future success is now at threat on multiple fronts – not least from the destruction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also from emerging Government rhetoric encouraging students to ‘pivot away from dead-end courses that leave young people with nothing but debt’.

In examining the current profile of creative higher education provision in London, this report uncovers the modern face of the capital’s creative arts scene and makes the case for the continued support of a higher education in the arts for the sake of both local and national recovery efforts.”

Deputy Mayor of London for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Jules Pipe said;

“London’s world-leading cultural institutions and attractions will be at the heart of the capitals recovery from Covid-19. I’m really pleased this report by London Higher highlights the wealth of creative talent in the capital and the contributions our students and graduates make to local communities and businesses, supported by our superb higher education sector”

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood CBE, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music, said;

It is no coincidence that London has one of the highest concentrations of globally renowned conservatoires and creative higher education institutions of any city in the world. The intensive training they provide, coupled with strong links to industry, is what equips London’s graduates with the skills to go on to power the nation’s creative economy for the future, maintaining the UK’s outstanding reputation and enhancing the world around us with imagination and flair.

The creative arts have always been fundamental to the London way of life and as we plan ahead, they must continue to be at the forefront of the city’s recovery. We need to act now to maintain and evolve London’s status as a capital of culture which the world acknowledges and draws upon.”