Hind Joucka

Founder of artmejo (Jordan)

Hind Joucka (BA Journalism 2014) is the founder of artmejo, an online platform that promotes art and culture in the Arab world. Hind won the British Council UK Alumni Award for Creativity and Culture 2023 in Jordan. artmejo is a platform that promotes art and culture in the Arab world through its online presence. Its mission is to educate, inform and create a dialogue about the contemporary and modern Arab art world and its history. It covers events, lectures and exhibitions happening in the local art scene and hosts various events suitable for kids and adults.   

Quote from Hind Joucka: 

“My aim is to create informative content about art that is both entertaining and accessible to all types of audiences. I love having the creative freedom to come up with new projects and activations within this objective. I enjoy having the space and flexibility to test out new ideas knowing that some may be successful and some may flop. Obviously the risks are higher when you are your own business owner, but the rewards are always much more gratifying.”