Gianluca Vincentini

Dancer and artistic director (Italy), Trinity Laban

Gianluca has performed, taught and directed dance throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and USA since 1997. Performance credits include: Henri Oguike, IJAD Dance Company, Efrosini Protopata’s Lapsus Corpi, himherandit productions and Iceland Dance Company.  

Gianluca has been the Artistic Director of VERVE from 2011-2016 and the Head of Professional Development from 2014-2016 at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.  

Under his direction the company worked with many of Europe’s leading international choreographers such as Lea Anderson, Anton Lachky, Akram Khan, Kerry Nicholls and Ben Wright as well as Theo Clinkard, Luca Silvestrini and Efrosini Protopapa. Gianluca put emphasis on nurturing and supporting upcoming choreographers such as Jamaal Burkmar, James Cousins and Leila McMillan. Under his direction the company toured extensively throughout Europe.