Our statement on the Windsor Framework

On the “Windsor Framework”, Dr Diana Beech, Chief Executive Officer, London Higher, said:

“At London Higher, we welcome the agreement of the Windsor Framework in the hope it will chart a new way forward for the UK’s relationship with the EU after Brexit.

While it is encouraging that the EU is ready to open the door to full association for the UK with the Horizon Europe research programme, we are not over the line yet. The Windsor Framework is still subject to parliamentary approval, and we ask our members to respect the time needed by our colleagues in Northern Ireland, who will be closely considering the deal and its implications on many aspects of their lives throughout the coming days.

There is no doubt that full association to Horizon would be an extremely positive outcome for London’s higher education and research sector, which remains vital to the UK’s innovation success through its key role within the ‘Golden Triangle’. As the UK capital, it is nevertheless important that London’s continued research excellence is powered with the full confidence and support of the nation, and we hope any future deal for UK research will be built on terms that are agreeable and beneficial to the whole of the United Kingdom.”