Network Aim: To provide a space for discussion, collaboration and communication for those working to influence and react to policy across HE in London. The Network seeks to identify current policy issues affecting the sector and support members to find the best possible outcomes to these. The network aims to look ahead to identify policy challenges of the future and support members to engage with these issues and proactively seek solutions.

Membership: Policy Officers, Directors of Policy, Public or External Affairs.


Dr. Sally Burtonshaw, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, London Higher.

As Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer at London Higher, Sally leads the Policy Team. She oversees the organisation’s diverse range of networks and represents our members across a range of policy issues.

Previously, Sally has worked on access and participation policy at fair access charity, The Brilliant Club, and recently completed her PhD at UCL on the relationships between schools and universities in supporting progression to higher education.

You can find her on Twitter at @SallyBurtonshaw

Executive Chair: Dr. Diana Beech, Chief Executive Officer, London Higher.

Meeting Regularity: Twice Termly

Follow the work… #LHPolicyNetwork #LHNetworks @LondonHigher #LondonHE

Contact: Dr Sally Burtonshaw