London Higher statement on return to campus

As universities return for the new academic year, London’s HEIs are calling for students to follow government guidance on COVID-19 to minimise transmission of the virus.

London’s HEIs are committed to working tirelessly to deliver on responsibilities to students and staff, as well as to the wider communities we are proud to be a part of.

Alongside preparing individual COVID-secure campus guidance, many have signed up to London Highers’ ‘COVID-19 Secure Charter’. The Charter sets out ten key principles that member institutions are working on to ensure a safe and secure campus, and gives some examples to illustrate how HEIs’ are practically implementing safety measures to ensure a safe return to work and study.

Everyone’s help is needed to do this. London’s HEIs make a huge economic impact on the city, as well as bringing a vibrancy to local area and contributing to multicultural life across the capital, but alongside this is the shared responsibility we all have to keep our communities safe.

London’s students have shown great resilience throughout the crisis, from health students volunteering on the frontline, to working within local communities. As the new academic year commences, we call upon the student body to look out for themselves, each other, and their wider community.

Our staff have worked to adapt teaching and campuses to ensure an enriching university experience, and to ensure campuses remain accessible and open places of study, but it is vital that we remain vigilant.

As students, we ask you to recognise the important role and responsibility that you have, on or off campus, to keep yourself, and the wider communities around you, safe from coronavirus. We ask whether you are new to London, or retuning for your next year of study, that at all times you prioritise public health, and follow government and university guidance, so we can all work together to ensure that the new academic year is a safe and satisfying experience for everyone.