London Higher response to the review of the post-study work visa

Dr Diana Beech, CEO, London Higher said:

As home to the UK’s largest international student community, we are naturally disappointed with the decision to review the Post-Study Work Visa. Despite London desperately needing high-level skills to power its local economy, the capital still struggles to retain international graduates in the labour market and lags far behind competitor economies, such as The Netherlands and Germany, for retaining international graduates in the workforce.


What is needed for London and the UK to thrive is more promotion of the Post-Study Work Visa, not less, and increasing awareness among employers to enable them to make the most of the global talent choosing to study at our world-leading universities and colleges. Any moves to restrict or abolish the Post-Study Work Visa now will be the final nail in the coffin for the illusion of ‘Global Britain’, with the UK already being seen as unwelcoming to international students following a swathe of recent regressive policy changes. We therefore urge the Government to embrace policies which show our openness and willingness to share opportunity for all, and which build on the enormous benefits that international students bring to our country.”