London Higher publishes spending review submission

Ahead of the 2021 Comprehensive Spending Review process, London Higher has today released a position paper showing how ‘Unleashing London’ and its higher education and research sector can help the Government realise its strategic priorities.

Unleashing London’s higher education and research potential will:

  • level up some of England’s poorest communities and accelerate local and national recovery;
  • turbocharge the UK’s international science and education ambitions;
  • ensure more people than ever can access the skills needed to grow our economy sustainably; and
  • reduce health inequalities by strengthening the NHS workforce and community outreach.

Given London’s strategic importance to the nation, the capital’s universities and higher education colleges play a vital role in helping the UK to build back better after Covid. Our members, who represent the full diversity of UK higher education, are both lifebuoys in their local boroughs and international powerhouses, attracting over 70,000 new international students to London each year, producing 54% of all UK research and development (R&D) and contributing over £12bn collectively to the UK economy.

Supporting London’s higher education and research sector is therefore essential, not just for spearheading intra-regional levelling-up and spreading opportunity to some of the capital’s most disadvantaged communities, but also for our expediting our national recovery and increasing the UK’s standing around the world.