London Higher publishes manifesto calling for Government to unleash the potential of London’s higher education sector

Today, London Higher, the representative body of 50+ universities in the capital city, has published its manifesto calling for a strong vision from Government, so that London’s diverse institutions can drive forward the UK’s global ambitions, deliver innovation-led growth that will benefit not only the capital city but the whole country, and provide the opportunities for talented people from all backgrounds to thrive.

The manifesto focusses around four key asks:

  • To deliver a vision for long-term success: provide a better, more joined-up vision for where higher education is headed, so that higher education institutions know what to plan for the long-term.
  • To maintain our global competitiveness: create a more positive dialogue around London’s world-leading universities and higher education institutions, showcasing them proudly nationally and internationally, including in the press.
  • To invest in knowledge and innovation to deliver sustainable growth: let London’s higher education institutions be the solution by harnessing knowledge and skills, leading to economic development through science, technology and research, and ultimately the growth of the UK economy.
  • To nurture talent through opportunity: universities are engines of opportunity and social mobility and can support the pipeline of talent this country needs to grow and thrive with increased awareness of opportunities and adequate places.

Commenting on the manifesto, London Higher’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Diana Beech said:

“Without our universities, the UK and its capital city would be much poorer. London’s universities are both local assets and global magnets, transforming the lives and opportunities of the people around them, while generating investment, talent and ideas to the benefit of the whole nation. As we head into a General Election, we hope this manifesto will encourage the main political parties to think strategically about the value of working with universities in London, and indeed elsewhere, to drive growth and prosperity right across the country.”


The manifesto is available on our website.