London Higher launches cost of living guide for sixth form students in the capital

From today, Wednesday 23 November year 12 and 13 students in London will be able to access a guide on the realities of student finances at university in London, developed by the AccessHE division of London Higher, Uni Connect and its higher education partners. 

The Cost of Living Guide has been released in response to the cost-of-living crisis, which is having a detrimental effect on student choices around whether to study at university and what course to choose. The guide sheds light on the realities of how much it costs to be a student in London, depending on personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. Featuring testimonies from current students from universities in the AccessHE network, the guide has top tips on saving money, and candid advice for prospective students from current young Londoners studying in the capital. The guide also includes a multitude of different types of support students can get from University Student Services, such as extra bursaries and hardship funds.  

The guide also features renting advice, a student budget forecast planner, and a downloadable Google Map which recommends cheap places to eat, free cultural things to do and great places to access nature. The guide is freely available to download as a PDF on the AccessHE website. 

Dr Richard Boffey, Head of AccessHE, London Higher said: 

“We are really pleased to be publishing this Cost of Living resource today and we hope it will prove useful to school and college-age Londoners who are considering their post-secondary options. Cost pressures are undeniably acute at present and whilst we certainly don’t want to play those down, what this guide shows is that costs don’t have to be a barrier to progressing to higher education. More than that, they don’t have to get in the way of enjoying a valuable and enriching HE experience. As the guide explains, help is on hand within London HE if the costs of living and study are a concern. 

This resource is a product of collaboration with several of our members and, in particular, with current students, who are the true expert guides to getting the most out of London HE. We fully endorse their positive message about studying in London and we hope you will too.” 



  1. AccessHE is key division of London Higher and the largest collaborative network of its kind. It is the pan-London organisation supporting under-represented groups throughout their higher education (HE) learner journeys by enabling HE institutions (HEIs), schools, colleges and local authorities to achieve their objectives on widening access to HE and delivering improved student outcomes more efficiently and effectively. For more information on AccessHE, please go to 
  1. The guide features representation from Queen Mary University, London Metropolitan University, The Royal Veterinary College, and University of West London. 
  1. To access the guide, please visit our website.