London Higher conversation with TFL

On 15 September 2020, representatives from London Higher member institutions held a virtual conversation with Heather Preen, Head of Local Communities & Partnerships from TfL.  This was the second session with Heather for our members, following an earlier discussion in July, organised to give the opportunity to both hear updates from TfL and share any concerns and ask relevant questions in order to help both HEIs and TfL with forward planning, particularly with students and staff returning to campuses across the capital over the coming days and weeks.

Heather addressed a number of pertinent issues around capacity, network cleanliness, outbreak control and alternative transport for staff and students seeking to journey around the capital, recognising that the situation changes regularly.

As the autumn term continues, with new recommendations and restrictions being introduced and messaging to staff and students needing to be flexible, London Higher will continue to share information received from TfL with our members.  TfL have asked that any issues that are encountered by staff or students using the network to commute to campus are emailed to so that these can be identified and addressed.

A future conversation is planned for 23 November 2020, and will take place via Teams.  Any colleagues from member institutions working within operations or health & safety functions who would wish to receive further information about this session when available, should contact