London Higher Awards 2024

As a part of London Higher’s 25th birthday celebrations, we look forward to celebrating the successes of London HE through recognising the work of our member institutions on 6 June 2024 at our awards ceremony.

Our awards are open to London Higher member institutions only*. There are two awards which are only open to specific groups: the Widening Participation or outreach initiative of the year award is only open to AccessHE members, and the Healthcare partnership award of the year is only open to London Healthcare & Medicine members. Entries to all categories must have a clear impact on the London administrative area, even if they are submitted by members who are situated outside the geographical boundaries of London. You can see the award categories here.

 *This includes London Higher Centres members. Members who have served notice are not eligible to apply. 

Entry guidelines

  • Entry is free. 
  • The judges will be looking for demonstrable impact from initiatives, programmes and work in the chosen category, told as an engaging story. 
  • All entries must be submitted using the application form and sent in Word format to Your details will not be shared with any third party and will only be used by us for awards-related communications. 
  • Entries will open on Monday 8 January 2024. The deadline for entries is Thursday 7 March 2024. 
  • Please complete all the fields on the application form, and if one does not apply please indicated “N/A” or “non applicable” in the relevant box.  
  • Submissions should be maximum 500 words. They must specifically address the criteria set out in the relevant category, and you are welcome to attach supporting documents which do not exceed more than four pages (A4). More info on this in the section below. 
  • If you wish to submit URLs these can be linked directly in the application form. Please use the supporting materials document for anything else, such as tables, graphics or designs. 
  • Please also submit a shortened version of your submission of maximum 150 words, which can be published on the London Higher website if the entry is shortlisted. If you are including any confidential information in your submission and supporting documents, but if you do so, please also flag this when emailing your submission to us. Confidential information will never be shared beyond London Higher staff and the judging panel. Please ensure that the short version submitted is something that you are happy for us to share publicly. 
  • You may enter as many categories as you wish, but all submissions must be unique, therefore please choose the most appropriate single category for your entry. If you are unsure which category to choose, please contact the London Higher team at to discuss, and we will be happy to help. 
  • You may submit a maximum of two entries per category, per institution, as long as the work/initiative or programme is different and unrelated. If both submissions are addressing a particular challenge or have similar goals, we would suggest that you form one, stronger entry.  
  • If your entry relates to an initiative or project carried out in collaboration with other institutions or organisations, the submission should come from the lead institution. Please keep in mind that although the criteria allow for submissions where there are external partners, these awards are only open to submissions from London Higher institutions who must therefore be the lead partner on the project. There will be space to indicate any partners on the form. If there is no lead partner institution and you would like to submit the project, please agree on which institution will make the submission on behalf of the partnership to avoid duplication.  
  • If you are an individual considering submitting an entry, although we do not require written confirmation or authorisation, we ask that you notify the senior management and marketing departments at your institution of your entry. 
  • The shortlist will be published on 14 March 2024, with the winners being announced at the awards dinner on 6 June 2024 at One Moorgate Place. 

Supporting material 

It would be appreciated if attachment titles could be named “Institution name_Supporting material” 

  • Supporting material submitted is intended to provide extra evidence that backs up or expands on your 500 word submission. This should not provide any new information. 
  • Documents should be submitted as PDFs or Word docs in the same email as your submission. 
  • In total they should not exceed four sides of A4.  
  • Supporting material may include the following: photographs; tables; testimonials; supporting evaluation reports; press cuttings; promotional materials; and statistics. We cannot accept video files, unless they are linked to an online hosted video (which can be included as a link in the main 500 word statement). If there is a piece of evidence not listed above that you think is vital to your submission, please contact us at to check if it is suitable. 

Any information submitted outside these guidelines will not be considered as part of the submission. 

Your entry 

Please nominate a key contact for the award submission. This will be the person who is listed on the submission form and will be contacted throughout the awards cycle with any updates.  

When the shortlist is published on 14 March 2024, we will write directly to this contact.