Learning and working in London: from the POV of a London student

This blog has been written by Aine, a current student on the Education Studies course at UCL. Aine has just completed a work placement at London Higher.

Over the past few months, I have been undertaking a placement at London Higher along with attending university in London. One of the reasons I chose to study at a London university is due to some of the potential benefits that studying within London can have on future career opportunities and prospects. During my time at London Higher I have thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into some of the research in higher education that they do, along with helping with communications and social media posts.

Having my placement at London Higher has allowed me to gain key, transferable skills and knowledge and provided me with an insider industry insight that has been valuable when learning about policy in higher education at university. It has also been helpful when I have been deciding what I may potentially want to do with my future and potential plans for post-graduate study. My placement has also contributed towards my personal growth, such as giving me more confidence and independence. In terms of confidence, my placement has enabled me to immerse myself within a professional environment which I was unfamiliar with before and be able to complete tasks that I haven’t had the opportunity to do before. My placement has also allowed me to further improve and grow my independence as I have had the opportunity to complete tasks on my own, which have included helping with social media posts, blogs and newsletters.

Attending a London University has also meant that I have had the chance to receive high quality education, teaching and learning opportunities from some well-established professors/lecturers. This has meant that I was able to receive guidance from my professors who are able to provide me with tailored advice on the routes to take to when working towards a career that is either related to the areas that they teach and research and/or, in careers that they may have had prior to teaching at universities. My placement at London Higher closely links with my university course, Education Studies, at UCL as I have been learning about policy in educational institutions, so now I was able to gain some practical experience of that. Completing this placement will also be beneficial for my third year at university as I will be looking at the role of universities in a global context. My placement at London Higher also means that I will have industry-level experience before I graduate, enhancing my career prospects and allowing me to have the chance and opportunity to grow and expand my network.

I would like to thank London Higher for giving me the chance and opportunity to have my placement here and provide me with invaluable experience for my future and giving me the chance and opportunity to learn new skills.